Sunday, August 21:

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(That You May Believe #51)
John 20
Dr. Jeff Burris

I. Our ______________________________ (17.18, 20.21)

Jesus is the _____________________. The Father sent His only begotten

Son on a mission of __________________.

The Sent One is the _________________________.

II. Our ______________________________ (15.5, 20.22; Ac 1.8)

We need __________________________.

The Holy Spirit indwells us, empowers us, and _______________ us to do what He has sent us to do.

III. Our __________________________ (20.23; Eph 1.7; Lk 24.47)

The content of our message is the good news of the ____________________________________________.

IV. Our _____________ (20.27; Eph 2.8; Rom 1.17; He 11.6; 2 Co 5.7)

We walk by _________________ not by _________________.

V. Our _______________________________ (20.28)

Jesus Christ is Lord. Is He ________________ Lord?

Jesus Christ is God. Is He ________________ God?

IV. Our ___________________________ (20.30-31)

That people might…


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